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Our Story

Quality Standards

Trust & Traceability 

Supply chain transparency and ingredient quality, safety and traceability are ensured starting on the farm. Every stage of the process is inspected and certified starting with the soil and seed.  Fully integrated Quality Control Systems inspect the  farming practices all the way to harvest.  Manufactures of the raw goods to the finished product are inspected and certified to continue the organic chain of custody for final USDA organic certification.  

Supporting Organic 

Organic Farming has many benefits such as supporting consumer health, promoting sustainability and preserving plant species and natural biodiversity.  Additionally, by law all certified organic ingredients are automatically non-GMO.  By supporting organic sustainable practices at all stages of the supply chain we are ensuring responsible environmental stewardship.  

Why us?

Chakra Organics was created from our overall consciousness for the environment, our dedication to sustainability and our love of organic farming. Whether it be in the foods we eat or in the products we use, we are aware of the importance of every step in sourcing our ingredients and manufacturing our products. We only source the world’s best ingredients. Always - 100% Plant Based, Certified Organic, Fair Trade, and tested for Nutrients. We are excited to bring you the highest quality, organic products that will incorporate the benefits of a healthy lifestyle.

Our Certifications

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